GREAT NEWS.  In addition to our Class Contributions of $16,109.44, our anonymous benefactor has, once again, added to our total $10,000, making this year’s final tall $26,09.44.  Thank you all!


The 2014 SMS Spring Community Concert Series & Play-A-Thon is over.
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Welcome to the 2014 SMS Spring Community Concert Series & Play-A-Thon.  Read about the event at About Event, or click here.  You can also review, and sign up for, a Venue and Date by clicking here, the Playing a Venue page.  We will be updating this website frequently, so, please check back often for new venues, dates, times and other updates.  Remember, this event can not happen without Parent Volunteers.  Look for more information on Volunteering, coming to you via email, backpack xpress, and other means, in the next week or so.  Thank you in advance for your support.  Enjoy the kick-off videos, of past two Play-A-Thons, below.

2014 SMS Spring Community Concert Series & Play-A-Thon Committee

Absolutely the best possible send-offC*A*R*M*E*N … one of the great performances of SMS and the perfect “go get em” for the the day before the main event.  Thank you Mary Pantoga for organizing the rally.  Thanks to the players: Melissa and Sean Attebury, Natanya and Laurence Freed, Stephanie Rambler, Jennifer Kingston, Paul Padua, Olivia and Margot Pantoga, and Olive Glass.  And, then, there is, of course, Carmen herself, Ms. Kristie Glass … you were spectacular.


Two incredible performances to add more excitement and energy to the 2013 Barnes & Noble Play-A-Thon and Book Fair.   A very special thank you to Hsin-Yun Huang and Misha Amory, SMS parents and violists, who donated their time and talents, and just knocked the socks off the kids, and the parents too.  It was truly a very, very, special performance, and the entire community says “thank you”!

And, then, of course, there is the return of the Barnes & Noble Buggy.  Amelia DeMayo once again brings out the best from the SMS Drama club and wows the crowd with a new twist to a tradition.  Thank you, Amelia, it was another spectacular show.  And, thank you kids … your effort, enthusiasm and pure talent really help rock the community.  It is just what we needed.

Let us not forget Mr. Emcee himself, Sean Attebury.  How you kept the kids seated and focused is a wonder.  Thank you for hosted the morning and adding that special touch to the day and the event.  You stepped up to the plate when called, and knocked a homer for SMS.  Thank you!

Hsin-Yun & Amory:

Barnes & Noble Buggy:

Next Rally is May 3, 2013 … 8:30 a.m.  This is it, right before the main event!  See you there.

Kick-Off Rally was a blast … just an unbelievable amount of energy and enthusiasm from the STOMP troupe and the SMS crowd!  We are off to a really powerful start.  Thank you STOMP … Fiona and Jason Mills, and Aubrey, Marivaldo Dos Santos & Dustin Elsea.  You guys really “rock”, and, we, the SMS community, can’t thank you enough for the great “show”.  Thank you Mary Pantoga for putting the event together and rallying the community for the kick-off of the Play-A-Thon.

Next Rally is April 19, 2013 … 8:30 a.m.  Another event you really do not want to miss!  See you there.

2012 Kick-Off Rally

January 18, 2013

The SMS House was really hoppin last year! Don’t miss out on the fun, excitement and good music this year.  Watch for emails and postings on upcoming rallies, and special events for the Barnes & Noble 2013 Play-A-Thon!  

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